The company has developed a set of fundamental principles that drives and directs our product designs and product creations.  These unique principles are used to guide our mission on each and every product.  This applies whether working with a company on creating a new sports product from scratch or working to enhance and improve existing athletic gear.

Project profile:          The swim paddle


Sports Engineering Group (SEg) believes sports performance training devices can significantly enhance performance. Devices that optimally amplify performance do so by influencing more accurate movements in technique and specific muscles.

SEg engineers and designs uncompromising, industry leading and technically functional products that produce targeted movements. Resulting in beautifully shaped training products permitting a coach and athlete a more effective way to train technique.


SEg designs each product using proven principles, builds and rigorously tests and validates, patents and licenses to leading companies.

Up until Marc Evans, President and founder of SEG, created an innovative new design that transformed the swim equipment industry, the swim paddle had gone virtually unchanged.  A swim paddle is used to improve a swimmer’s technique and stroke during training.  For a decade, it had been a flat piece of plastic slightly larger than the size of the hand to increase resistance.  The subsequent invention and product improvements by Marc in the late 90s revolutionized the design and function.  There was a need in the art for a swim training paddle to utilize a combination of lift and drag forces to encourage the use of the curvilinear stroke path in the freestyle stroke.  By recognizing this need for a better position of the hand during the stroke Marc identified a contour shape that could mimic the hand and finger profile.  It also was designed to assist the swimmer with the angle of attack as their hand entered the water resulting in improvement and efficiency of their swimming stroke.

This design provided a correction in biomechanics and hydrodynamics during the key entry, propulsive and recovery stage of the freestyle swim stroke.  His swim paddle Patent (US 5643027) in partnership with Speedo® resulted in two highly successful products called the Contour Paddle and the Swimfoil.  These have been the de facto standard for 18 years and sold millions.  It also proved to be a stepping stone in the timeline of innovation in swimming that moved forward the broader swim equipment industry. 

Today, swim paddles from every major company utilize those original shapes and concepts of functional contour shapes and principles of hydro and aerodynamic principals.