Marc Evans, CEO established the SEg Principles of Design and is instrumental in product development, design architectures, patenting and innovation. His guidelines use best practices across many fields and established scientific standards and principles including; biomechanical and applied technique research and teaching theories. Every design and product shape correctly affect technique by activation of optimal and correct technique via muscular movement.

As an endurance sport educator, Marc has published (4 books) that include state-of-the-art movement testing evaluation, technique, periodiztion and exercise correctives. In addition, he is a regarded for his teaching approaches in swimming, cycling and running. His clients have included; elite athletes and Olympic coaches, triathlon federations and education of coaches.

As a two-time head coach for USA Triathlon, Marc led the elite 12 member USA team at the first World Championship in 1989 when Mark Allen won the gold medal. He was the head coach for the USA Triathlon performance testing at the Olympic Training Center and a founding member of USAT coaching commission. Additionally, he was the Sports Medicine conference coordinator and Director/coach of the Endurance Sports for the Ironman Sports and Endurance Center in Kailua-Kona Hawaii for 3 consecutive years.

Marc is the inventor and patent holder for the SPEEDO® Contoured and SPEEDO® Swimfoil training paddles that have established a long-standing standard in swimming paddle design. He was presented the "Award of Excellence" from the American Medical Association triathlon division and the "International Coach of the Year".

Jane Cappaert, PhD, VP of Research and Development, brings a proven track record in sports engineering through extensive experience in product design, validation and testing.  She is a leading expert in the field of biomechanics. Cappaert began her career at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She initially analyzed the biomechanics of athletes competing in a variety of sports. She then spent nine years studying and improving the technique of swimmers and triathletes while working at USA Swimming.

From 1997 to 2000, Cappaert designed, developed, tested, and patented Speedo® International's first full-body swimsuit called Fastskin®. During its debut at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, swimmers wearing Fastskin® suits won 83 percent of the Olympic medals and broke 13 of 15 world records. 

After the 2000 Olympics, Cappaert took a position at Reebok® International, where she led a team of engineers at Reebok's Human Performance Engineering Lab. While at Reebok, she engineered athletic shoes to meet the specific functional and biomechanical demands of running, power motions, cutting motions, and jumping.  Most recently she headed research and development for Dr. Scholl’s foot care products focusing on the foot as a foundation to movement and motion.

Jane is the co-author of Triathletes in Motion (Human Kinetics – 2014) authenticating the books physiology, assessments and testing correctives and technique/biomechanics in swimming, cycling and running.

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